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When you became interested in Forex trading? What excites in this regard?
I was introduced to share trade at the age of 16 and quickly progressed to CFD, future, Forex and other markets of derivatives in my 20 years of age. Like most starting trade, I was attracted to the idea of making large sums of money with a low start-up capital no doubt base; but over time, trade became a real passion, and I began to approach my trade as a competitive game of chess. When I started to forget about money and focus exclusively on my job, my career‘s trade accelerated.
What kind of person does a good Forex trader? That not might be appropriate for this type of trade?
People who enjoy learning and analysis of repetitive will start with an advantage; However, there is no stereotype that is most suitable for the trade. It comes down to try and see if it fits your personality. Taking into account trade carries a risk, a person who fights emotionally risk-taking will not do well. It may surprise some people to learn that women are often big traders; but there are also less than them as men outnumber females by 90 percent or more. Some of the best traders I’ve known are eccentric personalities without formal education and come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is a game that tests all the human emotions, so it‘s no secret that the best traders are extremely disciplined, unemotional and consistent in the way they approach trade in the market.
What is the difference between stock trading Forex trading?
When the trade or invest in shares, you are taking the fractional ownership in public companies. Forex Trading is speculation in rising or lowering of the currency of one country against another.
Unlike shares, when a company invests $1 for $1 of capital in the company, a currency trader can invest $1 and $100 or even $500 check the value of the currency of the countries (leverage). This, of course, increases the risks, but it also increases the potential gain.
What are the advantages of changing operations?
Take advantage of $1 on $100 or more
Lower initial capital required to start trading
currency pairs less to take into account thousands of actions / companies / other markets
the volatility of the market constant providing commercial opportunities almost every day
What are some rookie errors that sees a lot of currency traders doing?
He can not educate yourself properly
Operating in a live account too soon
Risk money that simply don’t have or cannot afford the luxury of losing
The trade (games of chance effectively in many trades too often)
Just thinking about rewards and risks by ignoring

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