Real Profit Strategy

It lurks in the market, waiting patiently for their time of negotiation and silently he weaves several Bollinger bands channel and some other arcane… When it comes to their negotiating session, signals are calculated based on the current channel and tighten the trigger in one way or the other; and the main difference that whole thing more or less same as many other resellers, sale quite profitable.

As security measures, change real benefit has some built-in basic in the avoidance of news in the form of coded future appointments with important press releases and also has the filter above trend that is supposed to eliminate trades against the underlying trend.

Stop loss set in 100 pips for all couples running, but benefits decision setting is very varied, ranging from 9 in USDCHF and EURCHF up to a maximum of 30 pips in EURUSD. This gives you a calculated risk: the percentage of compensation ranging from around 11: 1 to approximately 3: 1, depending on the currency which is running on. However, most of the time will close their positions much before reaching the stop loss if the market goes against her, resulting in a risk: the percentage of compensation observed in real of around 3: 1 accounts.

The consultant has no problems with the rules of the NFA, since more than one trade does not open at the same time for each currency pair, by what is very friendly, from this point of view, mediate but is sensitive enough to spread (and, consequently, sliding and requotes) since you can see from the retrospective tests. The author recommends to run it in an ECN broker, and for good reason.

It is worth mentioning that the has a short duration trade, most of the operations to close in less than 2 hours.

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