Being a profesional trader

A professional trader features:


He realize that his brain is always impatient booking and expect benefits when the loss. Therefore you need to control your mind by incorporating some IQ in the game.

Almost all traders take advantage of without calculating the risk. This eventually becomes a habit, until one day the market is irrational for the period longer than you can remain solvent.

Professional agents manage to reduce losses at the time without any remorse.

confident pro traders added more positions in earnings already taking position, while other traders would be thinking about booking profits. This is because high CE in which trade in particular.

There are charts of earnings are parabolic exponential growth, while the loss figure will be linear decreasing. So they need only a few winners with exponential profit compared to a lot of linear losses.




Therefore, I hope that I have included almost all the points needed to be thought about before diving into the trade to make a living. A person who wants high emotional quotient all the time usually becomes a wise man. Meanwhile, a person who has a high IQ ends at NASA. The person who has that balance need 5 years of experience of the loss of the socket first in being a good trader.

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